What would it feel like to Thrive
in Business and  in Life?

Does this sound ‘pie in the sky’ or so out of reach that you just want to go to the nuts and bolts – or back under the comfy covers?

Are you wondering how you can breakthrough to thriving in both business and in life? Hear me out. This can be YOUR reality, too!

See if any of this resonates with you.

Are you looking for solutions in any of these areas?
You want to…

  • Attract new customers AND maintain a strong customer base
  • Operate a business that makes the profit YOU desire
  • Charge what you are worth and get it
  • Eliminate your fears and promote a positive focus
  • Accomplish much more with ease and flow
  • Feel better and healthier physically and mentally
  • Lift the stress of financial burdens

If this is YOU then you are NOT alone — and yes, a solution is right at your fingertips.

You may have already experienced moments when everything clicks in all areas of your life. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have this be the norm in your everyday life?

I’d like to help you get started on the path to Thriving in Business and in Life. I’ve created an assessment that provides a snapshot of your current thriving strengths and challenges. This is a starting point.

Once you’ve taken the assessment, I will provide your results, along with some tips on how you can leverage your strengths and address areas of challenge.

Let’s take a closer look at this, so you can have that breakthrough to thriving in your business and in your life.

A quick and easy start is to take the Thriving Styles Assessment. Enter your name and email to take the assessment.  Once you take the assessment, you will get your results and a Quick Start to Thriving Tips Sheet as a free gift.


Dr. Jane A. Coddington coaches entrepreneurs, executives and business owners to find the sweet spot of thriving in business and in life. She is a positive psychologist consultant and Board Certified coach. She combines her original research findings on the psychology of thriving with solid business coaching. Dr. Coddington’s intuitive and upbeat coaching style helps clients to create possibilities beyond what they imagined.

“You were a tremendous help in my career planning and you really made a difference in how I manage and lead. The time we spent focusing on people and leader skills enabled me to try out new many new things more quickly than I would have on my own (if ever!) and it’s been rewarding seeing the positive ways my group has responded.”

Her research, Toward a Theory of Thriving resulted in a new definition of thriving, identifying the characteristics of highly thriving individuals. Not surprisingly, High Thrivers are also successful in their careers and businesses. Dr. Coddington works with people ready to shift their own lives and businesses to this level.

“You’re very inspirational. I wish more people could open their minds and spirits to this positive approach so that we could create a truly amazing environment in which to live and prosper.”

Dr. Coddington has also earned the designation of Registered Leadership Coach and a specialization in Business Coaching.  She provides individual and group coaching through her practice, Breakthrough! Consulting and Coaching, which she has operated since 2004. She also teaches Masters and doctoral level coaching courses for two universities.

Contact Dr. Coddington to explore how she can work with you, your team and your organization/company. With her help, you can Breakthrough to Thriving! Email and we can set up a time to chat.

Dr. Jane A. Coddington